We want Pharmacist to be able to deliver safe and effective service and are here to make the transition smooth for you.

You will learn everything you need, to start working in a GP surgery and beyond.


-SystmOne training

-Emis Web Training

-Monitoring Requirements

"I really enjoyed the training session. The instructor provided excellent support and advice on becoming a good clinician as well as using the system. He was able to conduct the session in a very clear and concise manner. I was able to practice and develop my skills under his guidance in a friendly environment."

- Amir Anwar, London


This training has been formulated by Clinical Pharmacists with years of experience in GP surgeries. We have used this training internally many times to produce safe and effective pharmacists. This training is now available for you to really accelerate your career development.

-Mahmud Yusupov ( CPS clinical Director)

"I attribute my recent success to the CPS SystmOne training course. It is well-structured, concise and to the point. Taught in small groups made it perfect for people like me to ask as many question as I liked. Before this training, I had completed my IP training with a GP at a practice and spent almost 6 months playing with SystmOne but I never understood the right way to use it confidently. This training helps you explore SystmOne at your own pace and helps you to learn so many little tips & tricks to use it effectively in daily task management. I specially want to thank the trainer whose continuous support beyond the session helped me to gain confidence and secure a well paid job within 2 weeks of completing the training. Thank you CPS !!!"

- Kashif Ejaz, Clacton


GP Surgery System Training


Essential Clinical Knowledge


Long Term Conditions (LTC) management