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Clinical Pharmacist Academy stems from CPS which is our training organisation that specialises in training Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice. We are best known for our Accelerator programme which is a fast-track, comprehensive training programme, developed by Clinical Pharmacists in practice, reviewed by GPs and approved by CPD. Over the past 12 months, this programme helped over 100 Pharmacists make the transition into the GP surgery sector by equipping them with essential knowledge and skills. Our training programmes stand out because they are practical and result oriented. Each training programme enables the Pharmacists to deliver a particular service in a GP surgery

We understand that there are many Pharmacists placed in roles in Primary Care without any prior training or experience. Coupled with high expectations from the employer, this can sometimes lead to disappointment from both sides.

If you are currently looking to change career paths to a Primary Care role or if you have just begun a role in a GP practice or PCN, our trainings will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to enable you to hit the ground running in your new role, impress your employers and most importantly gain the job satisfaction that you have been looking for!

For Pharmacists who are already working and established in GP practice roles, we have a wide range of training programmes to support you in expanding on your current area of expertise. This will enable you to bring more value to the GP practices, increase your clinical knowledge and most importantly become competent in delivering the highest quality of care to patients across a wide range of chronic conditions.


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Our Pharmacist Self-Assessment tool ensures that each pharmacist is provided with a unique and tailored training plan to meet their individual needs!

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Through our Pharmacist Network Group, we provide continuous support for all pharmacy professionals who are currently working in or looking to move into primary care roles

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97%percent pharmacist rated us 5 stars. Our evidence-based trainings are always peer-reviewed by experts in the field to ensure that clinical excellence in primary care will flourish.


We aspire to equip every pharmacist and technician with the right tools and knowledge to deliver excellent patient care.

Clinical Pharmacist Solutions is an award-winning Recruitment, Training and Clinical Services provider that specialises in utilising clinical pharmacist skills in GP surgeries. We have the necessary experience, expertise and tools to benchmark pharmacists and support them with their training needs and upskill them as required.

We currently support multiple GP surgeries, PCNs and GP federations. We aim to support the NHS workforce by providing safe and efficient Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice.

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