What to expect in this course

The A to Z of running Asthma Review Clinics forms part of our Chronic Conditions Management series for Level 3 Clinical Pharmacists of the CPA pathway.

This course provides you with all you need to know about running Asthma Clinics. 

In this course we will cover the following:

  • Pathophysiology of Asthma
  • Pharmacological treatment of Asthma
  • Goals of Asthma management
  • Identify patients who are poorly controlled & stepping treatment up
  • Identifying Asthma triggers & getting them under control
  • Identify patients who are on unnecessarily high doses & stepping down
  • Inhaler technique & compliance
  • Implement the latest national guidelines
  • Identify Red Flags
  • When to refer for specialist intervention
  • Use asthma templates during consultations
  • Watch a complete asthma review consultation in action
  • How the GP surgery system is used to record an Asthma consultation
  • Peak flow
  • Creating Personalised Asthma Action Plans

This programme is designed for Pharmacists who know nothing or very little about running an Asthma Review and after completing the programme you will be able to competently and safely run your own asthma clinics. There is a lot of information to digest and it is estimated to take approximately 7 hours of focused study time to complete for the average Pharmacist. Pharmacists come from different work backgrounds, experiences and clinical knowledge varies greatly so it may take more or less time for you to complete. Ensure you allow enough time to complete all the modules to gain a good understanding of Asthma.

Sadly, many asthmatics die each year due to poor asthma management in general practice. Ensuring you are equipped with the right skills and knowledge base is our top priority, so that you are competent and safe Clinical Pharmacists who make a positive impact on patients lives.

The programme is designed to build on your knowledge as you progress and must be completed in chronological order. Each module contains an MCQ quiz to test your learning. A pass mark of 100% is required to progress to the next section.

If you require further reading on any aspect of the programme content, you may use the reference sources provided for reliable and up-to-date information. You will also have the 1 hour drop-in session to ask any questions.

Congratulation on starting your journey as a CPA Level 3 Clinical Pharmacist, Good Luck!

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